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With an experience extending to 20 years, TCHEALTH is a designer and implementer of core national e-health systems and a pioneer health informatics company producing information systems solutions to all stakeholders. Our journey, progressed on adapting our core capabilities to ever-changing needs and advances in fields of health informatics and management is uninterruptedly extending and deepening towards business areas of health information systems, health reimbursement systems, health supply chains and e-government systems. Its solutions focused to health funding, public and private reimbursement and healthcare supply chains constitutes the infrastructure of authorities like Ministry of Health, Turkish Drug and Medical Device Association, Social Security Institution and Public Procurement Agency in administering, regulating, control and surveillance of health system.

Now, our company acknowledged as an exclusive IT and consultancy house in the areas of PPP health cities, military health automation and command systems, primary and secondary healthcare information systems, electronic claim processing and healthcare management by her highly qualified and proficient intellectual capital.

Dependently our vision is to promote our organizational capabilities in innovating advanced and competitive technologies with in-house resources, in holding a strong posture among local and global markets, in setting the direction of progress in medical informatics with the power of value creation, in defining the benchmarks with our brand solutions and services. Our mission is to offer best-of-breed input to the common wisdom of leveraging knowledge systems towards a healthier life of humanity.

Tchealth Company Profile

Our Capability

Health Informatics

• Integrated Management Information Systems for PPPs
• Hospital Management Information Systems
• Military Health Command Systems
• Family Practitioner's Information Systems
• National Health Information Network Integration
• Electronic Health Records Management Systems
• Pharmacy Automation Systems
• Mobile Health Solutions

Health Reimbursement Systems

• Claim Processing Systems Public Health Reimbursement Rules Modelling
• Provision and Call-Center Services
• Private Health Insurance’s Reimbursement and Administrative Rules Modelling
• Public Reimbursement Systems Modelling
• Rule Engines
• AI-Powered Decision-Making
• AI-Assisted Fraud Detection

Health Supply-Chain Systems

• Drug and Medical Device Track&Trace Systems
• Health Supply Chain Integration Platform
• Interoperability, Process, Data and Decision Synchronization Platform
• Drug Data Banks
• Medical Device Data Banks
• Registration Sysyems
• Global Unique Identifier and Classification Ontologies
• Health Investment and Operational Assessments
• Health Technology Assessments for Drugs and Medical Devices

Cost Management in Health

• Diagnostic Related Groupings (DRG) and Case Mix Systems
• Fee-for Service Modelling
• Costing and Optimization by Clinical/Medical/Product Management
• Clinical Coding and DRG Consultancy
• Revenue-Cost Forecasting Modelling
• Pricing Modelling

Clinical Information Support

• Physician Order Entry Support Applications
• Electronic Prescription Support Applications
• Disease and Treatment Protocols
• AI applicaitons in Diagnostic and Treatment

Innovation in Health

• Scientific Research on fields of Health Informatics, Technology and Management
• Frameworks and Innovative Solutions on Health Technology
• Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Healthcare

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