Business Areas

Health Informatics

• Integrated Management Information Systems for PPPs
• Hospital Management Information Systems
• Military Health Command Systems
• Family Practitioner's Information Systems
• National Health Information Network Integration
• Electronic Health Records Management Systems
• Pharmacy Automation Systems
• Mobile Health Solutions

Value Creation in Health

• Business Models Integration for PPPs
• HIMS and Health Knowledge Banks Integration Platform
• Interoperability, Process, Data and Decision Synchronization Platform

Health Reimbursement Systems

• Public Health Reimbursement Rules Modelling
• Private Health Insurance’s Reimbursement and Administrative Rules Modelling
• Rule Engines
• Claim Processing Systems
• Provision and Call-Center Services

Health Knowledge Banks

• Drug Data Banks
• Medical Device Data Banks
• Global Unique Identifier and Classification Ontologies
• Disease and Treatment Protocols
• Doctor Data Banks

Health Economics

• Health Technology Assessments for Drugs and Medical Devices
• Pharmaco-Economic Analyses
• Health Funding Policies
• Revenue-Cost Forecasting Modelling
• Pricing Modelling
• Drugs and Medical Device Investment Assessments
• Health Investment and Operational Assessments

Cost Management in Health

• Diagnostic Related Groupings (DRG) and Case Mix Systems
• Fee-for Service Modelling
• Costing and Optimization by Clinical/Medical/Product Management
• Clinical Coding and DRG Consultancy

Clinical Information Support

• Physician Order Entry Support Applications
• Electronic Prescription Support Applications
• Disease and Treatment Protocols
• Big Data Analyses

Strategic Health Management

• Strategic Financial Analysis for Healthcare Providers
• Financial, Managerial and Technical Analyses for Healthcare Providers

Research and Development

• Scientific Research on fields of Health Informatics, Technology and Management
• Frameworks and Innovative Solutions on fields of Health Informatics, Technology and Management